Maria Teresa sierra

María Teresa SIERRA, holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Paris VIII and is a research professor at CIESAS in Mexico City, a member of the National Researchers’ System (SNI 3) and a member of the Mexican Academy of Science. Her areas of research include: Legal and political anthropology gender, violence, and human rights; identity politics and cultural diversity. She is member and founder of the Latin American Network of Legal Anthropology (RELAJU) and was president of the Sixth Congress, held in Mexico. Her publications include several books, among which the last 2 ones: Justicia, diversidad y pueblos indígenas en tiempos de globalización (with M.Gomez, V. Chanaut and H. Ortiz, 2011), and Justicias indígenas y Estado. Violencias contemporáneas (With A. Hernandez and R. Sieder, 2013). She coordinated several research projects regarding access to justice, legal pluralism and indigenous women’s rights in different regions of Mexico. For several years she has studied indigenous jurisdictions and autonomy in the Community Police of Guerrero. Presently, she is doing research on the effect of neoliberal violence on indigenous justices systems in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.