Jennifer Hays

JENNIFER HAYS has been working with San communities in Namibia and Botswana since 1998, as both a researcher and a consultant. Her PhD in Anthropology is from the State University of New York at Albany (2007) and she is currently an associate professor in Anthropology at the University of Tromsø (UiT) Arctic University of Norway. Her main area of research focus is the role of education (including both formal and traditional education) for indigenous communities – especially hunter-gatherers. Her primary case study has been the Nyae Nyae community of Namibia, with extensive research also on educational issues for San throughout southern Africa, as well as the global dynamics affecting hunter-gatherers. Her research connects the concept of education with realistic livelihood opportunities, environmental issues, land rights and other aspects of indigenous rights. She also focuses on the role of international programs to promote indigenous rights (in particular that of the International Labour Organization, ILO) and how these affect national processes in Namibia, and to local indigenous rights cases. Hays is a founding member of the Research and Advocacy Group on Hunter Gatherer Education: