Else Griete Broderstad

 Else Grete Broderstad (dr.polit. in political science) is the Academic Director at the Centre for Sami Studies (SESAM), which plays a strong role in transdiciplinary research at the University of Tromsø: The Arctic University of Norway (UiT). Broderstad was a member of the first governmental committee on the High North and a member of the Sami Rights Commission (2000-2007). She is also a researcher in governance, indigenous rights and political participation. Her research focuses on political procedures in the relationship between indigenous minorities and majorities, and the connections between indigenous rights and citizenship rights. A particular area of focus is the coherence between indigenous claims for self-determination, and regional and local claims of effective participation. Recently, she has worked with the problems of reaching an agreement on the cross border reindeer husbandry management between Norway and Sweden